Sunday, March 8, 2020

Alter Aeon

Alter Aeon server updates for Mar 08, 20 From Draak: Channel casting mana increase lowered very slightly. New leathercrafted weapon: quirt (a short, fast whip) Bug with metallurgy weapons not setting special metal qualities fixed. Fix PK bug in static blast. Survey now notes the presence of trails, roads and the elevation of exits. The landmark option has been taken out of survey and made its own command. Use 'set landmark' to set up landmarks. They last a bit longer, but the number you can have at once is still linked to your intelligence. Know territory has been deprecated and will soon be replaced with something more useful. The functionality of know territory has been subsumed into animal lore. Metallurgy, leathercraft and woodcraft now use a unified routine for determining the weight of finished weapons. It should be quite difficult to make weapons too heavy for you to wield, and the range of weapon weights should be wider. From Shadowfax: Make jobgivers recognize forged and crafted items with names that match exactly what they're looking for. (Runner) You should be able to switch skirmish targets with impunity so long as you remain hidden. (Ciella) Your maximum carried reduced antidotes is now based on your thief level and skill knowledge. (Ivey) Revised and added rules to sections 4 and 5. The efficacy of reduced antidotes now scales with thief level. Mobs that are under attack and cannot see a player tank because that player is hidden or otherwise can't be seen by the mob will use special attacks against that target the tank less often, with the expection of any mob specifically designed to circumvent the inability to see the target. (Onunku)

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