Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Alter Aeon

Alter Aeon server updates for Sep 20, 20 From Shadowfax: Players can no longer enter unopened areas. From Draak: Pre-lag for flourish lowered slightly so it is more effective at triggering combos. Assorted minor tweaks to forged equipment. Mire terrain will now yield more minerals, since they are usually pretty shallow. Attempt to fix knockdown bug with druid air spells. You can no longer waste profession points improving the quality of crafted upgrades such as gems, arrowheads, hilts, studs, spikes, etc. (Fumo) New seasonal Thirsty Thursday task. New brewing group affinity: torment. This includes mostly unusual curses, like faerie fire, noxious cloud, censure demon, jinx, etc. Added frostflower to the ice brewing group. From Brak: New ac-apply and timer search switch. The weight switch now allows for filtering of weights above or below a specific value. https://bit.ly/3kry8m6
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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Alter Aeon September 2020 Update

Happy Autumn! Our September event is due to begin on Saturday, September 12th and end on Saturday, September 19th. During this week you'll be able to do a simple quest to find lost pets and reunite them with their owners. Our next big event will be Halloween Havoc at the end of October. Here's a list of significant changes from August: - We added settable NO_PUT flag, for objects that players want to exclude from 'put all'. - A variety of new forged weapons were added, for increased granularity with weapon speeds with certain base types. - Bundles of sticks can now be used to mass produce batches of arrows, bolts and darts. - A new brew-only treatment 'endure elements', that can subtly nudge fire, cold and zap resistance on objects. - Labels can now be added to containers, crafted or not, using the 'craft label' command. - Improvements, additions and fixes were made for the Thirsty Thursday challenges. For September: - Creating level 45+ content, both handcrafted and procedurally generated. - Improving the block command. - Upgrades to carving foraged holiday pumpkins, for greater customization. - Adding more support for level cap increase to 39. As for longterm goals, we have the following for October and beyond: - Building Nightmare Plane solo and group 4 areas in preparation to release for the Halloween event. - Gearing up for the Thanksgiving event. - More uses for lapidary orbs. - An archery contest weekday event for Tuesdays. For more information please refer to our September Youtube update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olTlnF4jhpg
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Monday, September 7, 2020

Alter Aeon

Alter Aeon server updates for Sep 07, 20 From Draak: Weekday event boons are now shorter so they are more likely to wear off over the course of a week. (Dizzy) Arena zones should now be excluded from cartographer guild jobs. The soul of the sea boon should no longer prevent you from getting the Catch of Day, except during derbies. (Cheetah) Jackpots should now clear out of the news on the daily reset. Added another Thirsty Thursday challenge... Your Thirsty Thursday challenge will now show with the event command. Thirsty Thursday events will now patiently wait until you are no longer in battle before completing, in cases where you may have done something crazy like throw milk at a guard. https://bit.ly/3i8DeTz
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