Thursday, March 5, 2020

Alter Aeon March 2020 Update

We're pleased to announce the dates for our next global event: the Spring Festival 2020! This event will begin on March 20th and end sometime on March 23rd. It will involve hunting down some teleporting mobs and have some special quests to discover and complete. Here is a list of some changes made to the game from last month: - Improvements have been made to the newbie islands to make early gameplay easier, such as adding more animals to make skinning and butchering jobs easier and adding more equipment appropriate for low-level characters. - Questlines have been devised that lead from Dragon Tooth to Ralnoth to help guide players from the final newbie island toward higher level areas on the mainland in an organic manner. - A new daily event was developed for Mondays: the great Snipe Hunt. Daily events, such as the aforementioned snipe hunts and fishing derbies, now grant minor boons for completing them. - Adding silver or sky iron-based studs to leather weapons now gives them lycanthrope bane or nonorm damage, respectively. - The 'undead scourge', 'devil ill' and 'angel ravage' unguents can now be applied to weapons to give them a short-lived bane effect. - Changes to the way battle tactics are constructed will prevent incompatible skills from showing up in combos together. - Adjustments have been made to fame calculations to increase accuracy and screen out fame from areas that are no longer open. Within the next month two new areas will be released: the Sea of Despair, a level 43 group 15 area, and the Giant's Dream, a level 38 solo area. Also in March, we will be making some changes to reduced antidotes so that the maximum number of antidotes you can carry and the efficacy of those antidotes will be tied to your thief level and knowledge of the 'reduce antidote' skill. We will also be introducing a proper Assassins' Guild and begin implementing guild-based jobs. For more information, please see our monthly Youtube update here:
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