Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Alter Aeon April 2021 Update

Hello one and all! We at Alter Aeon are pleased to announce our next game event: the Mayday mini-event, which will begin on Saturday May 1st and end on Wednesday, May 5th. It will once again feature the crashed starship zone with players piloting mining spiders! Players both new and old can try their reflexes against deadly plant aliens from outer space in this unique and challenging scenario! Updates made in March: Changes to cleric spellgroups, including the merger of ‘curses of the mind’ and ‘curses of the body’ into the tribulation spellgroup, the restructuring of the ‘know evil’ and undead handling into the inquisitor spellgroup, and changing the unusual curses spellgroup into ‘divine wrath’. - ‘Protection from evil’ is now ‘protection from demons’. It is more limited in scope, protecting from demons, and to a lesser extent, undead and angels. There will be more adjustments to alignment in the near future. - Advancing in the Scribe's Guild now makes scribing scrolls less expensive as your rank increases. - ‘Flame blade’ and ‘mystic armament’ can now affect multiple pieces of carried ammunition if cast without a target. - Cold damage from icebolt, frostflower and chill touch is now enhanced in watery terrain, though not to the same extent as cone of cold. - The measure command now gives rough sizes for entities on the ground in addition to weight estimates. - Stone knapping is now tied more closely to the lapidary skill, relying on the lapidary code to determine knappable stones instead of its own internal system. - Archery contest winners can participate in the archery contest, but they cannot win it as long as their bull's eye boon reward is active. - Changes to crafted ranged weapons, to make them more competitive. - The Sinar’i valley, a level 33 area, was fixed up so that mobs should yield better experience, and a few new mobs, equipment and quests were added. This month we plan on updating Khal-Toresh, the dwarf village, and releasing the jungle area from February's death march. We are making improvements to the dclient mapper, so that landmarks, banks, seaports and shops show up on the mini-map. Plans to add guildmasters and teachers to the map are ongoing. Dclient music is also coming soon! The code is fully functional, so we’re just building up a library of tracks to play. For more information, please listen to our latest update on Youtube:
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