Saturday, March 27, 2021

Alter Aeon

Alter Aeon server updates for Mar 27, 21 From Draak:The 'measure' command now gives rough sizes for things on the ground. (Lexie)Tweaks to how the game handles evil-aligned mobs, in particular their damage and experience. The KEEP flag now prevents ingredients from being brewed.Update of curse help pages.Moderate clean-up of some of the crafting help menus.More cleric skill reorganizing:Sacred touch is now the foundation of the inquisition spellgroup.The other cleric undead handling spells are now in the inquisition spellgroup.Remorse is now level 31 and part of the inquisition spellgroup, dependenton ward alignment.The 'protection from evil' spell is now 'protection from demons'. Ithelps protect from damage dealt by demons, and to a lesser extent, undeadand angels.Censure demon is now part of the inquisition tree, dependent on protectionfrom demons.

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