Friday, November 6, 2020

Alter Aeon November 2020 Update

Our Halloween event may be over, but our next event is right around the corner! We'll be having this event during the week of Thanksgiving, lasting from Wednesday, November 25th until the evening of Monday, November 30th. Throughout November, we'll be tying the loose ends of the Halloween event and preparing for the Winter Solstice event in December. We have a couple of new skills that will be implemented soon. We'll also be fine-tuning scribe jobs and creating a new area west of Ralnoth called The Hinterlands. Building continues in several solo and group 4 areas for the Nightmare Plane, and also we are working on high level auto-generated content called the Fields of Fonts. These will likely be released in conjunction with the raising of the level cap to 39 next January. For more information, please refer to our latest Youtube update here: Thanks to Draak for writing and narrating this month's Youtube update!
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