Sunday, October 4, 2020

Alter Aeon

Alter Aeon server updates for Oct 04, 20 From Draak: Spacing cleanups to shortid, also added ranged weapon ammo type. Wickercraft is now level 21, and carve fetish is now level 26. New wickercraft item: poppet (must know wicker effigy) Smoothed over a little kerfluffle with adding fullers to forged bladed weapons. (Adara) From Brak: Allow the wearing and unwearing of selected locations from an eqset for example 'eqset wear finger1 wrist2'. Add a total weight summary footer when using the weight search switch. From Shadowfax: When considering a second spell for a scribe jobs, jobgivers should no longer assign spell combinations that are impossible to scribe due to mana limitations.

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