Saturday, June 6, 2020

Alter Aeon

This month we will be having one of our big events of the year, the Summer Solstice Celebration! It will begin on Friday, June 19th and end on Sunday, June 28th. Returning will be the fan-favorite event areas, Starving Rock and the Puzzlewood Forest. Each of these is a special area with its own unique challenge. Starving Rock is a marathon to kill as many enemies as possible by yourself, while the Puzzlewood Forest is a high level group zone that generates wave after wave of monsters of increasing strength. The primary event quest area will be taking its cue from the firefighting challenge we first did in 2015 and re-used for one of the missions in last year's event. We'll be redoing this concept on a grander scale, having players travel to an island threatened by active volcano. Players will have to do battle with a volcanic eruption while saving the native villagers from certain doom. Also in June we will be releasing the Sea of Despair, a level 43 group 15 zone for the Nightmare Plane. Here are some updates from last month: - When adding enhancements to crafted objects, such as studs, spikes, inlays, shield rims or gems, the game will more aggressively try to add stats. - Ore yields have been raised, and ore value lowered to be more in line with what finished ingots sell for. - Forged darts, bullets and arrowheads are now produced in lots instead of singly. - Moondust (the end product of using mooncatchers) can now be higher level, but it no longer saves. - Changes were made to the 'weight' command, including aliasing it to 'measure'. For carried objects, it now accurately reports size, weight and capacity for containers. - The 'points' command can now be used to list all spells and skills you can improve with points and what type of points, or generate lists of abilities that improve with profession points or combat points. - Seeker favor jobs should now have more candidate objects. Guild-based jobs are finally finished and should be implemented soon! Certain guildmasters will offer jobs to members of sufficient rank. Now you have another reason to join the Alchemists', Cartographers', Assassins' or Smiths' guilds! For more information, please refer to our June update on Youtube here:

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