Sunday, July 28, 2019

Alter Aeon

Alter Aeon server updates for Jul 28, 19 From Draak: Changed colors for daze and stun sends. Encounter help page added. Sea boarder encounters are now active. Creatures from the depths of the sea will board vessels from time to time. Most are hostile, but some may have other purposes for seeking out sailing vessels. This is experimental, and has a built-in manual override so Draak can adjust the rate or turn it off altogether if there are issues. From Shadowfax - job changes: All jobs now take sector into consideration. Jobs that originate from the newbie islands should restrict their targets to the island where the jobgiver resides. Jobs from all other sectors should avoid sending players back to the newbie islands (but may choose targets from one another). Priest jobs will award more experience if a player's favor is already maxed out. Almoner jobs are now governed by the gold offset and how much other jobs pay out when determining how much gold is needed to complete them. One should be able to earn this amount of gold by completing about nine to ten other jobs. Retrieval jobs now allow lower loadprob and heavier objects as valid targets, opening up many more possibilities, especially for armor and weapon retrieval jobs. Priests on the newbie islands will now assign seeker tasks. Numerous modifications were made to the code that are mindful of system performance in an effort to reduce lag caused by job construction. More updates are on the way.

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